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Vuoi vivere vacanze da sogno?Immagine28.jpg

Scrivimi o telefonami. Immagine2.jpgMi chiamo Simone e sono un punto di riferimento per  tutti coloro che vogliono entrare nel mondo del surf in un  “paradiso tropicale” . 



pacificasnackbar3.jpgOffice: Playa Santa Teresa, Puntarenas
Costa Rica

Telephone:(506) 8836-5064

 2640-0984 | 2640-0985

Organizzo “ pacchetti turistici “  comprendenti lezioni di surf d’onda , ospitalità in B&B e  una serie di servizi atti a far conoscere  la cultura e le tradizioni del Costa Rica.  Immagine96.jpg
E’ un’occasione unica per conoscere e praticare in assoluta sicurezza sport estremi assistiti da istruttori di maturata  esperienza ed affidabilità. Sarete accompagnati e assistiti nella scoperta di  un mondo fantastico e incontaminato da me che, considerando il  Costa Rica la mia seconda patria, ne conosco ogni segreto.
Costa Rica  should be visited because of its landscape which continuosly changes. We   want to offer a complete series of ground services which should satisfy even the most demanding tourist.  Tours are built in order to provide a complete view of Costa Rica.
simonrrr.JPGMy name is Simone. I am Italian and have lived in Costa Rica. When I was living in Italy, I had always been dedicated to sports, for 12 years I was a semi-professional motocross rider and I was aiming for big goals in racing until I had to face the reality of an almost complete lack of sponsors. It was at this time I realized that I had to choose a new direction: to study law.Immagine1.jpgDifficult, but doable if I could only put half of the motivation and determination that I did for1.JPG motocross! It took many hard years, but I succeeded. During these years that I started surfing, and the more I surfed the less I felt convinced of what I really wanted from my life…it was at that time in which I visited Costa Rica for the first time.   
ML_PS_Web_036.JPGImmagine40.jpgCosta Rica was the solution, the place where I could live an outdoor life and where surfing was not only a passion, but a job too. I continued my studies and received my law degree in order to feel more prepared to do what a really wanted to do-move to Costa Rica and teach surfing. Costa Rica, the place where I could live an outdoor life and where surfing was not only a passion, but a job too. school logo.JPGI opened my first school in Playa Tamarindo .Immagine28.jpg
6255_1080987711741_1437758432_30238071_507583_n.jpgI explored more of the incredible Costa Rican territory until I ended up in a very spectacular place- Playa Santa Teresa.  I didn’t hesitate much, in less than one year I moved to Santa Teresa and opened another school: the Pacifica Surf School.  
It’s been a great experience, and we have taught thousands of surfing lessons. I have fulfilled my dream with Pacifica Surf Studios; I can provide the possibility for people to gain Immagine21.jpgaccess to not only the sport of surfing, but also the lifestyle. I have created an atmosphere for those who want to enjoy a vacation that blends sports and nature. Pura Vida!



I describe Costa Rica 




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